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Megaman KTDB
OIlusionista Fecha: Lunes, 23-de Mayo-2011, 16:07 | Message # 1
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Here is a beta version (unfinished) of Megaman for the full game project Kirby the Dream Battle.
Right now, it have 25 different weapons. Please, keep in mind that he was planned to a game with small chars, so the bubble moves will be weird at normal sized chars.


Download: http://bmt.clubsyn-x-treme.net/

PS: no hablo español

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See my youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/douglasbaldan

Math96 Fecha: Lunes, 23-de Mayo-2011, 16:23 | Message # 2
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Excellent char, it shows you attentive.

PD: Sorry for my English, because of the translator.

Zetah Fecha: Jueves, 26-de Mayo-2011, 11:45 | Message # 3
Grupo: Usuario
Mensajes: 58
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Wow brother this char is very very very Cool, exellent.

Bye Bye
PD: I am speak spanish, sorry for my basic english

Zetah thenighthunter home page:
Chars, Mugen y más... (aun en progreso)
megamugenteam Fecha: Miercoles, 01-de Junio-2011, 06:22 | Message # 4
Grupo: Administrador
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Maravilloso, buen trabajo amigo. cool

Foro » Creaciones de los usuarios » Chars » Megaman KTDB (con 25 armas)
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