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Foro » Creaciones de los usuarios » Stages » [HR] Awakening of Luciferos
[HR] Awakening of Luciferos
asrwgm Fecha: Jueves, 01-de Julio-2010, 08:01 | Message # 1
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Part A

Part B



Def Fix

(Copied from readme)
The stage was made using a concept of the awakening on an ancient
entity. Which is the reason why I used a lot of runes in the stage
to give it that Mythical-ish feeling to it with a lttle twist
(as you can see, the temple has a futuristic structure lol)

The stage is divided into 2 parts, the second part happens after around
30-50 seconds after the battle starts. (I wish MUGEN had fight rounds
coding.. It would be interesting if the second part happened right at
round 2 & 3)

- Part A being the Awakening, nothing strange happens in his part

- Part B called the Infection, where the ancient Runes of Luciferos
start to appear on the screen & the Temple in the middle starts to
crumble & fall below the floor

There are 2 def files one with a stage Intro called VP_Awakening_Intro,
& one without.
Take ur pick & see which one u prefer.

I hope u enjoy this stage I made. happy

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JAPX Fecha: Jueves, 01-de Julio-2010, 16:22 | Message # 2
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hey V i be allready downloaded ur stage biggrin
is very good IMO nice work bro! cool

megamugenteam Fecha: Viernes, 02-de Julio-2010, 00:11 | Message # 3
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es genial!!!! exelente calidad ese stage!!! cool

Foro » Creaciones de los usuarios » Stages » [HR] Awakening of Luciferos
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